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Data Governance

Data plays an essential role in almost every area where computers are used in modern society. People who deposit or withdraw money, make airline reservations, and enrol in college courses interact with databases to retrieve, record, or update their data. Data is the foundation for information systems to function correctly and provide relevant results for data analysis. Organizations must now carefully manage their data as a critical asset. In addition, personal data stored in the database requires careful attention, secure access and compliance with relevant regulatory requirements. The workshop will begin with the topic of data governance, which will help participants properly manage their data, from data design to collection, access, processing, protection, and data sharing. Several case studies, including practical applications with online tools and resources, will help participants fully understand database governance and data protection issues. This course aims to help participants understand and implement data governance. This includes data design, data access, data collection, classification, processing, privacy and confidentiality, data security, data sharing, and data regulation.

This workshop is facilitated by the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants

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