Database Management and Data Protection

Database plays an essential role as computers are commonly used in today's modern society. The data collected from depositing or withdrawing funds, making online reservations or enrolment into a university course will need to be retrieved, recorded, or updated data constantly. Data fuels information systems to work and it generates relevant output for data analytics. Designing and managing databases are, therefore, critical in data analytics. Improper database design will likely have an impact on inaccurate and irrelevant analysis. Further, personal data stored in the database required careful attention and compliance with relevant jurisdictional regulations.

This 2-day workshop will equip participants with system thinking to understand how the real-world activities are represented in the database. Participants will then be guided to design a data model and develop a physical database using popular database management systems. Participants are also facilitated to be aware of and learned to comply with data protection related requirements when working with personal data. Multiple case studies will be used to help participants fully comprehend database management and data protection issues.