Hyperledger, IoT and Analytics Enabled Businesses - Foundational

Hyperledger and IoT are two digital technologies that have the capability for business processes transformations. While the potential of digital technologies is immense, technological adoption for it varies across industries. Hyperledger enables industries to optimise supply chain, increase transparency for new products/markets, and streamline settlement. In additional to hyperledger, businesses would need to adopt appropriate IoT applications to help gather, manage and transform relevant data into valuable insights for informed business decisions. IoT and hyperledger technology can both benefit each other as it provides decentralized networks for secure peer-to-peer machine communication.

This 2-day course provides foundational knowledge on hyperledger and IoT for professionals through a combination of seminars, case studies, and demonstrations using free and popular tools available. Participants will learn how to implement hyperledger and IoT in their businesses. The course will also be a resource for participants who are championing digital transformation via digital technologies in their workplace.