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Call for Book Chapters: Digital Strategies, Law and Governance: Navigating the Technology Landscape



The book delves into the development of AI, its strategic positioning in business, and its technological marvels. It also examines the role of blockchain as the foundation for cryptocurrencies and its potential for reshaping industries. Cloud computing is explored for its reach and pivotal role in shaping AI strategies and addressing legal concerns. The book also delves into the strategic advantages of cryptocurrencies and the regulatory hurdles they face.

With the incorporation of research and case studies from diverse regions, this book will offer regional and global perspectives on these technologies' deployment and legal implications. It will conclude with a visionary view of the future and emphasize the importance of aligning digital strategies with conscientious governance. This book will be a valuable resource for policymakers, strategists, tech enthusiasts, and legal scholars, guiding the ethical advancement of these technologies.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

I. Introduction to the Digital Frontier and Strategic Foundations

  • Exploring the Strategic Landscape in the Dawn of the Digital Era.

  • Tracing the Evolution of Digital Strategy with AI, Blockchain, Cloud, and Cryptocurrencies.

  • Navigating the Convergence of Strategy and Technology at Intersection Points.

  • Integrating Digital Strategy with Regulatory Demands for New Age Challenges.

II. AI and the Law: Crafting Intelligent Digital Strategies

  • The journey from neurons to neural networks unveils the world of AI.

  • Navigate the realm of strategic AI by connecting ethics, and environmental considerations with digital game plans.

  • Ensure responsible AI by effectively tackling challenges in digital strategy formulation and execution.

  • Gain insights into the legal and strategic aspects of AI's role in governance.

  • A case study focused on AI strategy and regulation in an Asia Pacific country.

III. Blockchain: Merging Strategy with Governance in the Digital Chains

  • Exploring the Strategic Impact of Blockchain Beyond Cryptos.

  • Putting Digital Strategy into Action: Blockchain's Role in Governance and Trade.

  • Securing Blockchain's Digital Pathways: Building Trust in Strategy.

  • Aligning Blockchain with Legal Constructs for Strategic Governance.

  • Examining Blockchain Strategy and Implementation in an Asia Pacific Context: A Case Study.

IV. Cloud Computing: Sky-High Digital Strategy Formulation

  • Designing Strategies for Virtual Infrastructure by Embracing the Cloud.

  • Unveiling Strategic Synergies in Cloud's Role in AI's Ascension.

  • Strategies for Navigating Data Sovereignty and Security Risks in the Cloud.

  • Matching Cloud Practices with Legal Requirements through a Strategic Regulatory Approach.

  • Exploring Legal and Operational Insights in a Case Study of Cloud Strategy in Asia Pacific.

V. Cryptocurrencies: Crafting Strategies Amidst Financial Revolution

  • Crafting Strategy from Bytes to Bitcoin.

  • Exploring the Digital Strategy Debate and Cryptocurrencies' Environmental Impact.

  • Navigating the Strategy Spectrum of Global Crypto Regulations.

  • Revealing Strategic Intricacies in Unmasking the Complexities of Cryptocurrencies.

  • A Case Study on Cryptocurrency Strategy and Regulation in the Asia Pacific.

VI. Navigating the Legal Landscape of the Metaverse

  • Exploring the Impact of Metaverse Beyond Virtual Reality.

  • Putting Digital Strategy into Action: Metaverse's Role in Digital Sphere.

  • Understanding the Legal Challenges of Metaverse

  • Aligning Existing Legal Principles with the Promised Feature of Metaverse.

VII. Web3.0 and the Legal Landscape: Navigating Decentralized Horizons

  • Exploring the Impact of Web 3.0 on information sharing and communication methods.

  • Putting Digital Strategy into Action: Web 3.0's Role in trade and commerce.

  • Understanding Internet governance in the era of Web3.0

  • Legal challenges associated with Web 3.0.

VIII. Convergent Challenges: Digital Strategy Amidst Tech Overlaps

  • Navigating Strategy in the Age of Tech Confluence, Creating an Altered Reality.

  • Tackling Tech and Regulatory Challenges through Crafting Convergent Strategies.

  • Designing a Blueprint for Strategies in a World United by Technology Convergence.

  • Examining the Strategic Management of Convergent Tech through an Asia-Pacific Nation Case Study.

IX. Across Borders: International Law Meets Global Digital Strategy

  • Aligning Vision of Global Tech with Regulation.

  • Digital Strategy Across Borders: Crafting Tech Interplay Ground Rules.

  • How Historical Legal Interactions Inform Future Strategies.

  • Case Study: ASEAN's Digital Strategy Evolution in Cross-Border Tech Initiatives.

X. Tech Titans: Navigating Strategic Battles in the Digital Age

  • Navigating the Strategies and Challenges in Age of Tech Domination.

  • Antitrust, Privacy, and Strategy: Legal Evolution Amidst Tech Advancements.

  • Case Study: Strategic Challenges in Antitrust Cases in the Asia Pacific.

XI. Future Visions: Strategizing for the Next Tech Horizon

  • Predicting the Future Landscape of Digital Strategy.

  • Crafting Plans with Ethical Tech Implications in View.

  • Building Tomorrow: Setting Strategic Foundations for Upcoming Challenges.

X. Epilogue: The Shared Odyssey of Tech and Law

  • Envisioning a Synergized World: Tech Growth with Regulatory Harmony

  • A Forward Call: Uniting Policymakers, Tech Mavens, and Society for Ethical Tech Progress

Word Limit and Citation Style

The article should be between 4,000 and 7,500 words with American Psychological Association 8th ed. The empirical paper should follow the IMRaD Format (

Important Dates

Submission due: March 31, 2024 (early submissions are encouraged)

Expected publication date: Winter 2024

Article can be submitted to Dr. Arif Perdana (; Dr. Saru Arifin (, and Dr. S. Vijayakumar Bharathi (



Taylor and Francis



Dr. Arif Perdana, Associate Professor, Data Science Program, Monash University, Indonesia (

Dr. Ridoan Karim, Lecturer, School of Business, Monash University, Malaysia (

Dr. Aashish Srivastava, Senior Lecturer, Department of Business Law and Taxation, Monash University, Australia (

Dr. S. Vijayakumar Bharathi, Professor, Symbiosis Centre of Information Technology, Pune, India (

Dr. Saru Arifin, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, Universitas Negeri Semarang, Indonesia. (

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