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Teaching at Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark


At Aarhus University, I was/will be the visiting professor teaching the following courses:

Data Analytics for Accounting (2019)

This course equipped students with the ability to understand the fundamental of data analytics and visualizations to harness business data and leverage decision making. Prior to conducting data analytics, analytics mindset does matter. This course provided students with a solid foundation and knowledge on analytics mindset. Analytic mindset permits students to embrace, act upon data discoveries, and add value to the data with relevant analytics tools in their future workplace. Students will then understand how to turn data into actionable insight.


By providing students with the relevant cases related to accounting, business, and finance, they were expected to be able to make sense of and to communicate with data to relevant audiences. The course will also provide students with extensive hands-on to develop their skills to use popular data analytics tools. Students dived into some of the popular tools, for example, Tableau, CasewareIDEA, and Azure Machine Learning. Exposure to analytics mindset, and multiple applications will make students competent with data analytics, aware of and readily to adapt with multiple types of analytics tools and techniques relevant to particular business problems.

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