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Data Analytics for Accountants

With technological advancement and business process transformation, accountants are increasingly presented with large amount of data and the challenges of managing it. By equipping accountants with data literacy skills and also emerging technologies to manage big data, accountants will be able to value add to company’s business growth. Techniques such as Predictive Analytics using machine learning will allow accountants to gain insights from data for a better decision-making process.

This 2-day workshop provides an understanding of Big Data & Data Analytics for Accountants through a combination of seminars, case studies, and hands-on sessions using free and popular software tools available. It aims to equip accountants with Foundational Knowledge in Data Analytics and Digital Skillsets and to provide resources for accountants to leverage on various Data Analytics and Automation Tool.

The 1st Workshop


27 - 28 Februari 2020

Venue: Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore

Participants' Industry Background:

  • Raddison Hotels Asia Pacific Pty Ltd.

  • Helmi Talib & Co.

  • Wai Fong Construction Pte Ltd.

  • Red Dot Payment

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