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As an academic I was involved in relevant continuous learning activities to expand my skills and skill-sets through seminars and workshops. This helps me to adapt and keep abreast with academic and research environment. The following list covers the seminar and workshops I have attended.


  • 12th SAP Academic Conference APJ, Phillipines (November 2020).



  • Asian Conference on Education and International Development, Tokyo (March 2019)

  • Writing Educational Grants, Singapore (January 2019).


  • Singapore Fintech Festival, Singapore (November 2018).

  • Microsoft Future Now, Singapore (November 2018).

  • 10th SAP Academic Conference APJ, Brisbane (July 2018).

  • SIT Symposium on Application of Technologies in Accounting Education, Singapore (June 2018).

  • the American Accounting Association (AAA) Data Analytics Workshop, Orlando, Florida, USA (June 2018).

  • International Conference on Teaching and Learning with Technology, Singapore (May 2018).

  • Applied Learning Conference, Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore (January 2018).


  • National Technology Enhanced Learning Conference, National University of Singapore, Singapore (November 2017).

  • IBF Connect (Compliance & Risk) 2017, Singapore (October 2017).

  • MicroStrategy Symposium on Data Analytics, Singapore (October 2017).

  • Managing Change and Diversity, ROHEI, Singapore (August 2017).

  • Case Study Development and Classroom Improvement, Singapore (July 2017).

  • Ransomware Awareness Seminar, Singapore (June 2017).

  • Team-based learning, Singapore (May 2017).

  • Writing Teaching & Learning Grants, Singapore (May 2017).

  • Technology-enhanced Learning, Singapore (April 2017).


The University of Queensland

  • Affordance Theory and how to use it in IS research (Presented by Prof Olga Volkoff, 18 March 2016).

  • Theory: From Natural Science, to Behavioral Science, to Statistical Inference, to Science (Presented by Prof Allen Lee, 11 March 2016).

  • Intensional Vs. Extensional Representations of Cardinalities in a Relationship: The Effects on Schema understanding (Presented by Dr Vijay Khatrif, 4 March 2016).

  • A Thermometer for Interdependence: Exploring Patterns of Interdependence Using Networks of Affordances (Presented by Prof Brian Pentland, 22 January 2016).

  • Affordance networks: Recombining people, technology and action (Presented by Prof Brian Pentland, 21 January 2016).

  • Tutor Training Workshop (February, 2017)


The University of Queensland


  • On Information Technology Competencies for Collaborative Organizational Structures (Presented by Dr. Acklesh Prasad, 4 September 2015).

  • IT Gurus With or Without a Cause – Institutional Work in the IT Fashion Setting Process (Presented by Dr. Saeed Akhlaghpour, 13 May 2015).

  • Basics of the R language: including hints, tricks  and debugging info & Use of R in Stats: Linear Fit and details and ways to analyse the data (Presented by Dr. Terry Rowland, 15 May 2015).

  • Train, Ask or Try?  - Understanding the Impact Of Social And Ambidextrous Knowing-In-Practice on The Effective Use of Enterprise Systems (Presented by Dr. Jen Lauterbach, 6 March 2015).

  • Research Integrity (Presented by Dr. Andrea Martin, 18 Pebruary 2015).

  • What do Models Really Offer to Users? An Experimental Study of the Perception and Actualization of Affordances from Process Models (Presented by Dr Eike Bernhard, 20 Pebruary 2015).

  • Tutor Training Workshop (February, 2015)


The University of Queensland

  • Partial Least Squares Structural Equations Modeling (PLS-SEM) (Presented by Prof Christian Ringle and Prof Marko Sarstedt, 1 December 2014).

  • Firms’ Social Media Efforts, Consumer Behavior, and Firm Performance: Evidence from Facebook (Presented by Dr Sunghun Chung, 28 November 2014).

  • Data Science and Predictive Analytics: New opportunities for business school researchers and an introduction to data science with R (Presented by Prof Richard Vidgen, 21 November 2014).

  • Social Media Management Strategies for Organizational Impression Management and Their Effect on Public Perception (Presented by Prof Roman Beck, 10 October 2014).

  • Towards a Theory of Openness: On the Impacts of Resource Openness on the Value Creation and Value Appropriation of Firms (Presented by Dr. Daniel  Schlagwein, 26 September 2014).

  • Level of Analysis in Information Systems Theory Construction: Issues and Opportunities Reconsidered (Presented by Prof Guy Gable, 5 September 2014).

  • Explaining the Information Systems Auditor’s Role in The Public Sector Financial Audit (Presented by Dr. Micheal Axelsen, 15 August 2014).

  • Research Colloquium, UQ Business School, The University of Queensland, Australia (25 July 2014).

  • An Integrative Typology for Theorizing Innovation Processes with Information Technology (Presented by Prof Shirley Gregor, 6 June 2014).

  • Causal Reasoning in Information Systems epistemology: the elephant in the room (Presented by A/Prof Dirk Hovorka, 16 May 2014).

  • The Organisational Benefits of Enterprise Architecture (by Dr. Toomas Tamm, 11 April 2014).

  • Cloud Computing Adoption in Australia: Some Evidence from the Forensic Industry (Presented by: Dr Ogan Yigitbasioglu 14 March 2014).

  • Perceptions of Malaysian female school children towards higher education in Information Technology (Presented by Dr. Grace Mui, 7 Pebruary 2014).

  • Tutor Training Workshop (February, 2014)

Queensland University of Technology

  • Research Method Workshop (Presented by Professors Rajeev Sharma - Construct Derivation; and Professor Walter Fernandez - Grounded Theory Method, 20 November 2014).


The University of Queensland

  • Place-Making: Rethinking IT Adoption as Appropriation into Social Practice (Presented by Dr. Kai Reimer 11 October 2013).

  • What’s in it for me? A Stakeholder Theory perspective on Information Technology Security Investment  (Presented by Prof. Rajiv Kohli, 19 September 2013).

  • Routines, Reconfiguration and the Contribution of Business Analytics to Organisational Performance (Presented by Dr. Rajeev Sharma, 18 September 2013).

  • Rate or Trade - How to Identify Winning Ideas in Open  Idea Sourcing? (Presented by Dr. Ivo Blohm, 16 August 2013).

  • Research Colloquium, UQ Business School, The University of Queensland, Australia (19 July 2013).

  • Doctoral Consortium at Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (June 2013)

  • The Roles of IS and Application Domain Knowledge in Conceptual Schema Problem Solving (Presented by Dr. Vijay Khatri, 28 June 2013).

  • Sparking Creativity: Improving Electronic Brainstorming with Individual Cognitive Priming (Presented by Prof. Alan Dennis, 10 May  2013).

  • Sustaining Change When Top Management Involvement Declines: An Actor Network Perspective (Presented by a/Prof. Cecil Eng Huang Chua, 26 April 2013).

  • How IT Governance Maturity and Strategic Alignment Influence Organizational Performance: Insights From CEO-CIO Dyads (Presented by Prof. Detmar Straub, 19 April 2013).

  • The IQ of the Crowd: Understanding and Improving Information Quality in Structured User-Generated Content (Presented by Prof. Jeffrey Parsons, 10 April 2013).

  • The Other Side of Technology Innovation-Information Systems Discontinuance (Presented by Prof. Jan Recker, 22 March 2013).

  • Tutor Training Workshop (February, 2013)



  • Research Workshop (Presented by International Research Symposium on Service Management, July 2011).

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